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Mobile, Web, and IoT Solutions for Your Business

From concept to post-production and support, our team can bring your digital transformation to life. Direct to consumer technology products such as websites, mobile applications and IoT devices have become the core business application and branding of most companies.  Whether you’re a tech company, an organization with a large tech investment, or a startup building your first mobile, web or Iot presence, we can help you develop the best solution for your enterprise.

Let us make your vision a reality

We are a Plano based digital transformation company that brings experience and domain knowledge to your project,  immersing ourselves in your world and addressing the things that matter most to you and your customers.

Our Focus

Full lifecycle implementation of any size project on any computing platform for mobile, web, desktop and the cloud

Mobile Strategy Development & Execution

What can the perfect mobile solution do for you?

We help you develop and implement a mobile strategy for your business.  This can involve making your web applications mobile and tablet friendly, or developing your custom mobile apps.

Web Strategy, Design and Execution

We develop highly functional Internet and Intranet websites for your business.  Your website is very important because in most cases it is the first interaction your customers have with your business.  We also build highly functional web businesses.  Our team has been instrumental in the development of large scale internet businesses such as Match.com, Quepasa.com,  Meetme.com, 501OPS.com and Yesalingles.org,

Iot Strategy, Design, Development and Deployment

We have the experience and expertise necessary to make your transition into IoT efficient, effective and scalable. Whether your business needs to improve the way it conducts inventory, track international shipments, manage a fleet of vehicles or control a robot with a mobile app, we know how to make your goals a reality.


Today, many businesses rely on on social networks to bring together like minded people around a specific purpose or theme in a highly responsive and scalable way.  Businesses also rely more on their social presence and social interactions as a mechanism for marketing,  advertising, customer loyalty and customer communications.  We help businesses take advantage of popular social networks in order to expand their audiences, as well as design and build custom social networks and solcial businesses.

Cloud Strategy and Implementation

Large and small businesses alike are shifting their computing and data storage to the cloud.   We enable the strategic shift to the cloud.  Whether you’re looking to build your own private and secure cloud, or leverage cloud providers like AWS and Azure, we’ll examine your existing infrastructure, software and platforms develop and  implement your go-forward strategy.


We build new or upgraded software applications built from the ground up to your unique specifications.  We interview your employees and customers, review existing processes and design user friendly software that solves the business problem.  Enterprise applications are concerned largly about scale and security.  Scale because of the number of users who need access to these applications around the world, and security because these applications hold the enterprise’s clint and businessinformation.

Big Data

Data is the most valuable currency in the information economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest have the greatest chance of success.  Big data collected and analyzed correctly provides immediate and actionable information to make decisions that affect the trajectory of the business.


Using the skills creativity and experience of our people, we partner with you to deliver results for any size organization from a New Startup to a Global Enterprise. KorSoftCorp is a custom software development company that designs, constructs and operates advanced solutions to your technical challenges that empower businesses to succeed. By combining domain knowledge with global experience, KorSoftCorp develops industry-defining applications, helping clients shrink the time-to-market required to deliver new functionality and minimize implementation risks of mission-critical systems.


We execute and deliver a high level of quality and value in every task we perform. Our approach is always that simple and streamlined are better than complex. A less complex solution will always provide a better long term value to the customer and allow for easier enhancement in the future.

Proven Process

Our delivery processes have been proven over many years of delivering complex projects on a deadline. Our goal is to be your partner in the development of your mission critical products.

Complete Life-cycle

We always look at the complete life-cycle of a project. We perform the discovery process, design, development of a proof of concept, complete development, implementation, production support, and continuous improvements.

Continuous Delivery

We utilize the Continuous Delivery approach to provide the stakeholders with a continuous feedback loop to the delivery team. This approach results in an optimized delivery feedback cycle so required changes can be identified early in the project lifecycle and implemented quickly. The result is always a project delivered on a predictable timeline and meets the stakeholders expectations.
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