Cloud Strategy

New cloud paradigms are evolving at a fast rate. Concepts like SaaS, PaaS, open source, and socialized information through data connectors are driving a new generation of business models on the back of commoditized IT infrastructure.


We work with our clients to select an effective cloud architecture, curate the correct technologies to support their business, and develop the architecture to provide the appropriate scale for optimum performance.


We utilize agile development methodologies because it is the best mechanism for high velocity environments.

Big Data

KorSoftCorp offers experience working on the orchestration of Hadoop based Big Data clusters using OpenStack, as well as developing big data visualization using a variety of reporting and dashboard tools.  Big data solutions are rapidly evolving to incorporate real-time data analytics with frameworks like Spark and Spark Streaming with Hadoop.  Orchestration platforms are reducing the complexity of deploying Hadoop clusters.  Analytics and reporting are getting richer with variety of open source and commercial reporting engines.

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