The empowered enterprise has become highly dependent on the latest and fastest technologies.  New or upgraded applications are the mainstay of every successful business.  We specialize in developing high performance enterprise applications for the web and the desktop.  Our team is based on the leadership, both technical and business, of some of the most successful applications on the internet.  This enables us to develop new applications based on proven architectures and technologies that are stable, scale easily, allow for quick updates and perform globally.


What Do Customers Gain?

  • We research and recommend the right technology to solve clients’ business challenges.
  • We provide a proven team, experienced with best in class management methodologies to keep projects on time, helping customers to get innovative solutions deployed faster.
  • KorSoftCorp clients benefit from the firm’s unique delivery model that focuses on smaller, more efficient teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise.
  • We deliver cost-effective application.  We understand and respect the impact of time and resources on the client’s productivity and profit.

Peace of Mind

  • We view our role as an equal partner with insights and valuable opinions, and who works hand-in-hand with our customers to get it done right.
  • Architecture is the foundation of every product.  The more refined the architecture, the easier it scales, the better the performance and the less time spent worrying about future growth.
  • The high degree of expertise and specialization enables us to offer clients services from idea to production, managed transparently and delivered as promised.
  • We are constantly testing for performance.  Our experience has shown that milliseconds make a difference in user experience with web properties.  Therefore we make every effort imaginable to ensure the quality of the application, as well as the performance of the finished product.
  • The only applications that don’t start to change the day after they launch are those that are retired and no longer in use.  We provide maintenance, monitoring and enhancement services for the entire lifecycle of everything we build.
  • We learn and teach continuously.  Technology and processes continue to evolve at breakneck speed.  We continue to spend time with our customers to train them on the products we build, and to ensure they are successful once we turn the project over to their team.

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