We specialize in the development of social networks by starting with a clarity of who, what, how and when to link individuals.  We work with you to establish the actual and possible relationships between the members of the network, and develop the interfaces that allow these relationships to be formed and to grow.


We develop social network based on relationships between members, and develop communities is based upon the actions of the members.  Based on client requirements, we develop networks, communities or networked communities.  During the analysis phase of a project, the KorSoftTeam works with the client to identify and define the type of social interactions desired, while identifying secondary social interactions possible as the result of the structure of the network.

Extending the reach and power of the network

Social networks thrive on transporting data through connectors to and from other major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  We develop these connectors through the implementation of by-directional APIs that both publish and consume a broader set of services from real-time feeds to e-commerce.  [wdfb_like_button]


Member Acquisition

We have experience in acquiring and adding members to a network, a community or both.  Based on the  client requirements, we develop the appropriate strategies and mechanisms for inviting and bringing new members into a network

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